SATNA/ Rewa Division Commissioner Dr. Ashok Kumar Bhargava has appealed to the public to fully follow the instructions of the administration to prevent corona virus.  He has said that the lockdown has been done to protect the public and break the chain of corona virus infection.  All the collectors should coordinate with their Superintendent of Police and ensure full compliance of the lockdown.  Take action by registering an FIR against the violators.

Commissioner Dr. Bhargava said that every person should stay at home for maximum time.  If you stay at home, you will be safe.  Only by staying at home can we prevent the deadly infection of the corona virus.  A person who does not undergo treatment after concealing the corona virus or hides the disease will be arrested and kept in isolation ward for 14 days.  Passengers traveling abroad or returning from any other city must check their health with doctors.

Commissioner Dr. Bhargava said that to keep oneself and family safe from corona virus infection, wash hands with soap for 20 seconds after regular intervals.  To greet each other, greet with folded hands as per Indian tradition.  Avoid shaking hands and hugging people.  Social distance is necessary to protect the corona virus.  Keep a safe distance of at least 3 feet from anyone.  Do not touch any infected person.  In case of outbreak of Corona virus or cold, follow the advice of doctors and instructions of the government to prevent it.

Commissioner Dr. Bhargava appealed to the general public to be vigilant on social media and said that social media should not forward misleading information and rumors regarding corona virus or lockdown.  Only after verifying the veracity of any information, trust it.  A misinformation you have given on social media can cause difficulty for many individuals and the administration.  Action will be taken by registering an FIR on the spread of rumors in social media.  He said that to control the corona virus and break the chain of infection, vigilance, caution and guidance are being followed as per the instructions of the World Health Organization, the Central Government and the State Government.  The greater danger and challenge than the problem of lockdown is to prevent infection with the corona virus because it has no effective treatment yet.  Therefore, by fully cooperating in public lockdown, make your precious contribution in preventing infection of corona virus.

 Commissioner Dr. Bhargava said that there is no need to be afraid of corona virus.  It is not to lose but to win.  Let us all understand the seriousness of its challenge.  Let us all be alert and alert others as well. Active participation of common people is necessary in the battle to completely eradicate the corona virus from this earth.  This is possible only by following the alertness of all and following the instructions of the administration.
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