Hijab Row: Hijab Vs Bhagwa. Why Hijab controversy at a sudden ? Planning or Demand of Shariya ?

In Karnataka, Muslim girls stand for the demand of Hijab as Uniform Dress code. Authorities reject the Demand quoting Security Breach and Constitution.

A controversy over the Hijab/ Niqab/ Burka or say Headscarf worn by Muslim Females has got fire in the parts of Karnataka and later in other parts of India.
Echoes of this controversy could be clearly heard in different parts of Nation too, even the political involvement in the case also pops out and adding fuel to this Communal Controversy fire.
Several Political Leaders like Rahul Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi's son), Priyanka Gandhi Wadra (Daughter of Sonia Gandhi), Mehbooba Mufti (Daughter of Mufti Mohd. Sayeed) and others tweeted and quoted this controversy as the voice and rights of Muslims are being suppressed by the Government.


Vijay Patel Tweeted series of tweets



 Vinayak Dev Trivedi posted a video over controversy

The social media is fully overloaded with Black Hijab vs Bhagwa supremacy. Many Twitter and Instagram users are continuously posting over the issue. Many big faces supported the sides of students according to their preference. A religious drama is again going to make its place before the election in Karnataka.  

The Educational institutes are for studies not for religious drama. The Hindu Youth females stated that "Today they are demanding Hijab as the Uniform, later they will demand Halal Canteens, later they will protest demanding 5 times Namaj in school and colleges, then they will mark that they will not study with Hindus because we are Kafir, and then finally these all demands will end up with demanding Shariya law and making India as the Islamic country. We cant let it happen. "

RathoreFlix and WokeUpHindu posted a clear view of Hypocrisy

The Hindu Youth reacted to this Hijab action and demanded for either equal rights of to stop this Hijab and Penguin drama. Many Religious groups are being involved from both of the sides.

As this Hijab drama pops out and the Muslim students start pressurizing authorities for Hijab, the very next day a large Hindu Youth came out to UDUPI college and school and started protesting for either ending this Hijab drama or to allow them also with their religious Uniform Dress code. 
As a unbiased News our duty is to serve the reality to our readers. As we all know that, we have a Uniform dress code in our schools and colleges and from a long time everything was okay. Hindu and Muslim all students followed this dress code, but as the elections are in 2023 in Karnataka, few religious organizations are provoking Muslim students for the demand of Hijab, and in retaliation Hindu youth also came out against this Talibani demand.

HC passed that No religious outfit inside the Educational campuses.

Even the High court passed statement and mentioned that "No religious outfits will be allowed inside the educational campuses. No Hijab and No saffron shawls will be allowed inside the campus."
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