Instagram using it's community guidelines as weapon against Pro-Indian users.

Popular social media App Instagram, restricting or deleting Pro-Indian users in the name of violation of Community guidelines.

Recently, it was found that Instagram after being occupied by Facebook Inc. it is showing the same face of Facebook. Many of you heard about the big and huge data leak of users made by Facebook in exchange of long term left leaning funding. Facebook was always known for spreading the left leaning lies and stopping the right and real things. After occupying Instagram, Facebook Inc. did same here too.Instagram is filled with many types of content creators, even more than YouTube. There are various type of creators few are who only Dance and make reels, or show their bodies like Sophia Ansari, few are there who runs their business page here, few are normal users and few political users, as same as others apps.

But, here the difference is Instagram never stop of Delete the accounts which are left leaning in India. There are almost more than 2 lakh accounts on Instagram where the nudes and dirty graphics of Hindu gods and against India are posted, but no actions are taken against them. But, when the users whose content is Pro-Indian and straight forward, are continuously being  either shadow banned or totally removed from Instagram.

Few Popular users which are removed recently from Instagram.

There are many users who were being removed by the App for only being Pro-Indian. Instagram never removes accounts of KFC, Domino's, Hyundai, Kia etc, who posted against India. But, surely remove the accounts which are with the India.

Here we have a bunch of users who faced either shadow ban or being removed.

  • Official Artkrafter (Deleted)
  • IndianRightWingCommunity (Deleted)
  • The Hindustan Voice (Deleted)
  • Vinayak Dev Trivedi (Multiple Shadow ban)
  • Right Wing India (Multoiple Shadow ban)
  • Random Indian Guy (Multiple Shadow ban)
  • Bharatwadi vichar (Multiple Shadow ban)
  • squintneon ( Multiple Shadow ban)
  • Rathoreflix (Multiple Shadow ban)
  • Wokeflix (Multiple Shadow ban)
  • Garima Chatrath (Multiple Shadow ban)

The list is too long, and with the names of these accounts you may got the things much clear. Instagram basically running majority by the funding from the Left leaning side, and works also for them. Instagram never suspends or remove any Anti-Indian account, but always look for the order of their Daddy who are leftists, and what they order, according to them they initiate the actions.

Instagram has been already warned by Ramesh Solanki of Hindu IT cell.

As there are many accounts who are posting nudes and vulgar content on Hindu gods and against India.


When will this left funded App will stop its community guidelines weapon against Indian users ? Instagram basically restrict users for being an Indian and sharing thoughts for being an Indian and for nation.

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Jai Hind - Jai Shree Ram

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