Social Media on Fire over murder of Hindu youth Kishan Bharwad

Various users started posting videos and posts related to this case in a very violent way.

After the murder of Hindu Youth Kishan Bharwad, the communal tension could be observed over social media clearly. The Hindu groups are continuously being violent and demanding strict against the cases like this. Basically, from last few years killing of Hindus for being Hindu is raised too high, due to which these demands are valid.

Kishan Bharwad Murdered for being a Hindu by Radical Islamists, Murder operated by Maulavis

Hindu social media accounts are trending for Justice for Kishan Bharwad.

An Instagram user named The Hindustan Voice recently posted a video with the same concept of the video due to which Kishan Bharwad was murdered. 

The video is directly promoting Hinduism and directly targeting Anti-Hindus. The user is popularly famous for the promotion of Hinduism and for his social work. The video is getting viral continuously.
Twitter users tweeted in a mass amount for this case and demanded strict actions against accused.

The demand of Hindu community is straight and valid. They are asking for the special rules and law for the safety of Hindus for being a Hindu. As we can see for a period of time, we may find that Hindus are in danger, specially from a specific community. The hate for Hindus is flowing in blood of few communal groups which are linked to Islam and Pakistan.

Jai Hind
Jai Shree Ram.
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